The words "VBISD Professional Learning Opportunities"
Pictures of sunglasses with a sunset in the lens. Above the glasses are the VBISD I.S. logo. The image reads "Spring Break 2024. Staff on Break. We will be back in the office on April 8".
Grow Your Own Logo = VBISD in the center next to a picture of the state of Michigan. Surrounding it are the words "Grow Your Own Educator Program Estd 2023"
A photo of Melissa Corona's face with the words "Welcome to the VBISD Melissa Corona, Instructional Services Director".
An image  of 8 books standing up together with their spines facing forward.
A picture of a computer screen with the word "SAT" on it. Below it is a picture of a graphic bar loading.
Van Buren County Youth Advisory Panel
School-Wide (Organizational) Practices K-12
The words "Number Corner Monthly Planning Meetings" on a white background
Image of Monica Genta presenting to full auditorium .
A tablet and a cell phone with the words "press release" and "news" on them. Next to the devices sits a VBISD coffee  cup and a pen.
Words: Community Resilience Model (CRM) Training