Coordinated School Health

Knowing that healthy students are better learners, the Michigan School Coordinated Health Association, made up of regional representatives across the state, leads in advancing the needs of the whole child by using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model Framework.

We believe in equipping children with the skills to stay healthy and be ready to learn for the rest of their lives! We work to help increase the capacity of schools & teachers through facilitating the implementation of evidence-based curricula, such as the Michigan Model for HealthTM as part of supporting the Whole Child (the WSCC model).

Michigan Model for Health Services Bubble Map

Region 13 Coordinator

serving Berrien, Southwest Heritage, and Van Buren Counties

Jen Bloomfield

Continuous Improvement and Regional School Health Coordinator

Van Buren Intermediate School District

region map of Michigan for School Coordinated Health