• Consultation Services for Students with Emotional Impairment or Challenging Behavior Problems

    Behavioral consultation services are provided to assist local school districts in planning and implementing programming and interventions to help manage students with severe behavior problems that interfere with learning. A Behavior Assistant may also be provided on a short term basis to assist teachers in managing a student's behavior and to help determine if the student can be educated within their local school setting.
    Consultation is also provided for Screening to help determine a student's educational programming needs and most appropriate least restrictive environment to meet these needs including consideration for placement into the BEC classrooms for students with emotional impairment.
    Population Served:
    Students with severe behavior problems whose behavior has been unmanageable after local school team efforts have been made including positive behavior supports, a Functional Behavior Assessment and data based Behavior Intervention Plan.

    Aaron Tennant, Consultant
    Nichoel Burfield, Consultant
    David Silva, Behavior Assistant Specialist
    How To Access Services:
    Submit a Request for Observation and/or Consultation (ROCS) for BEC Consultant services to the BEC at 30 S. Walnut St., Bangor, Mi. or call the BEC at 427-7961. 
    Contact Persons
    Gene Vogds, Supervisor of Special Education, email: gvogds@vbisd.org
    Kelly Brinks, Secretary, email: kbrinks@vbisd.org