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Polymer Technologies
Study Plastics Manufacturing

Do you like:

  • Hands-on training?
  • Working one on one with customers in industry?
  • Working with computers?
  • CAD and design software?
  • Working with laser engraving equipment?
  • Being creative?
  • Problem-solving?
  • Working with hand tools and large machinery?
  • Using measuring equipment (Calipers, Micrometers)?
Robert Anderson, Instructor
Learn how to operate a variety of plastics machines, including injection molding, rapid prototype, and universal versa laser machines. Mix resins to make the plastic parts, set-up inks for stamping and/or engraving images on plastics.



I like this class!

In the Plastics program, I am able to learn hands-on.  We do a lot of projects and operate equipment.  I want to apply these skills to help make this a better world.


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  • Floor Manager
  • Machine Tender
  • Mold Maker
  • Plastics Engineer