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Study Print Shop Operations

Do you like:

  • Working with your hands?
  • Working with Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign?
  • Taking digital photographs?
  • Editing video?
  • Printing T-shirts?
  • Operating printing presses?

Carlos Esquivel, Instructor

In this class, students will learn the entire printing process, from concept to finished product. The program includes an introduction to digital photography and video editing. Students will make their own T-shirts, stationary, and business cards, as well as take their own senior picture and produce a video. In addition to their own projects, students will help with the production of printed products for the Van Buren Intermediate School District. This program can be a starting point to a college career in Graphic Arts. Western Michigan University, Ferris State University, and Kalamazoo Valley Community College all have highly regarded programs in the Graphic Arts field. Successful students should have good basic math and computer skills.


I like this class...

I learned the whole graphic arts field... including offset and screen printing.  We used compute programs such as InDesign and PhotoShop.  I was able to produce all of my own projects:  memo pads, business cards and even t-shirts.

I worked really hard my first year and earned "Outstanding Student of the Year".  This helped me qualify for a co-op job within this program for my second year.
As a senior, my hard work also helped me earn the "Outstanding Co-op Student of the Year" award and a $250 scholarship.  I will be attending college in the fall and this award and all my experience will help me in the future.

     - Lindsi

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