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Study to be a Cosmetologist!

Successful cosmetologists should have:
  • Good attendance, dependability, professionalism
  • Science background
  • Basic math skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Good communication skills
  • An interest and ability in arts
  • The ability to analyze hair/skin/nail problems
  • The ability to work well with others
  • Confidence
During year one, students learn the science of hair, basic skills, and cosmetology theory (minimum 350 hours). In year two, students will be able to perform services on clients and learn about salon management. In year three, students return after high school graduation to gain hours needed to take the state licensure exam. (1500 hours of classroom and clinic floor hours are required by the Michigan Department of Education.)
 Sue  Jenn  Maria
Sue Dent-Rhodes, Instructor Jennifer Sturgis, Instructor Maria Sustaita, Instructor

I like this class..

I have always dreamt of working in cosmetology.  My teachers are a lot of fun.  We are always doing different things and trying out new ideas.  Being in the Cosmetology program makes me happy - - the environment and people are great.

      Morgan, Paw Paw High School

I like this class...

In this class there is a lot of fun and we all enjoy being in Cosmo. We are taught by two amazing teachers.  I like working with people and one of my favorite activities is doing highlights and coloring.

      Martha, Bangor High S


I like this class..

We do something different every single day.  Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Sturgis help bring out our full potential.  The are truly two amazing teachers as well as individuals. 

Some of the assignments can be very challenging, but that is half the fun!   When you step back and take a look at a new hairstyle you've created... you get an awesome feeling of accomplishment.  Overall, this is a great class to participate in.

      Paige, Bloomingdale High School

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