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Study Residential Construction!
Do you enjoy:
  • Working outside?
  • Working with your hands?
  • Seeing a project completed?
  • Working on a variety of projects?
  • Working in a changing environment?
 Joe Stegman, Instructor

Students will learn and apply the concepts of plumb, level, and square through practical on-site applications. Emphasis is placed on "hands-on" learning and correcting mistakes. Construction areas covered in this program include: safety, hand and power tool operations, masonry skills, framing, roofing, siding, drywall hanging and finishing, door/trim applications, and estimating. Also, gain knowledge in electrical, cabinet making and more. In both the on-site and off-site programs, students will construct a residential home. Qualifying students can earn up to 10 direct college credits through Southwestern Michigan College!
Chris Garzella, Instructor

I like this class...

There is so much to learn about construction.  We built a house this year.  All of the these tasks that I have learned I will use in the future.

David, Lawton High School


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