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Commercial Art

Study the visuals arts as you create products
used in businesses today!
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Do you like to:
  • Draw or paint?
  • Use color?
  • Be creative using a computer?
  • Draw designs for friends?
  • Lose track of time while working?
  Kimberly Wood, Instructor
Recent software developments allow individuals to create "Interactive Messages" which include spoken words, motion from video sources and animation, as well as traditional art and type-based documents. Learn traditional skills such as drawing and painting, as well as skills required for computer usage. Making messages is an art. Images may be created, scanned, organized, stored, and "published" using a computer. The artist’s "desktop" is being transformed into a digital desktop for "publishing." Self-motivation and discipline are important skills to have. Most career choices in this field require additional post-secondary education.

K. Watson Whatever it is, aim higher. You can do anything as long as you work hard and tell yourself you are capable. The moment you doubt your abilities is the moment you choose to let fear overrule your true talent.

Katharine Watson 
 J. Hainer I have learned so much from Commercial Art, and I am now enrolled in Southwestern Michigan College. I have the knowledge of a third semester student at the college, and I only had 3/4 of a year with Ms.Wood at the Technology Center. I also made it onto the Dean's List out at Southwestern. The vast amount previous knowledge that I gained from Ms.Wood helped extremely well. I am in my second semester and going back to all the little things I learned from the class to help me achieve my goal of becoming a graphic designer. 

Related Careers

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With further training, related careers include:

  • Junior Graphic Designer
  • Design Studio Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Junior Art Director
  • Art Director
  • Computer Animator
  • Web Page Designer