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Auto Technician - EEP
  Study Auto Electrical Systems & Engine Performance
Do you like to:
  • Work on cars?
  • Work with your hands?
  • Complete a car repair?
  • Work on a variety of projects?
  • Be challenged? 
                  Dan Buzalski, Instructor

In the Auto EEP program, students learn to diagnose and repair auto electrical systems, ignition systems, fuel injection systems and carburetors, emissions systems, and engine computer systems. Upon successful completion of the program, students will have obtained skills valuable to finding a job as an automotive technician. Students who take and pass the state certification tests qualify for Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES). AYES provides students with on-the-job experience through a mentor technician during the summer and after school. Mentors are experienced technicians at local dealerships. College credit is also available to qualifying students.                  

I like this class...

It was like an adventure through my last year of high school.  It was challenging but I have found it fascinating to try a non-traditional career field.  I have learned how to meet, interact and cooperate with new people. This was a unique way of learning.  I have a new world full of choices... what I learned will be useful in my future.

    Erica, Covert High School

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