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Allied Health

Get on track to an interesting career in one of the health care fields taught in this program. Learn skills and terminology applicable to virtually all medical occupations.
Students in this program should enjoy caring for others, working on a team and a fast-paced work environment.  Allied Health provides challenges, responsibilities, physical activity and a flexible schedule.
Life after VBTC... 
Allied Health Technologies will prepare you to further your education in the following areas:
   Physical Therapy                        Nurse                                    Health Informatics
   Occupational Therapy                 Physician                              Biomedical Technologies
   Sports Medicine                          Veterinary Science
   Respiratory Therapy                   Mortuary Science 
    Massage Therapy 
    Radiologic Technician
**These are just an example of the variety of careers that can be explored through Allied Health Technologies 

Allied Health Technology students can also earn certification in First Aid and CPR as well as participate in hospital/medical center job shadow work experiences.

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Straight from the source:  Comments from our students...

I really like all the hand-on activities we do in my program.
                                           – Darbie Jones

It never gets easier, you just get stronger. 
                                                  – Cece Vigil   
Lawton High School