Prof Symposium in Reading (WMU - LS 5160) VBISD partnership


This course is required for the advancement to Professional Teaching Certification.

Applying to WMU:

At WMU, the approved course offering is titled “Literacy Studies (LS) 5160 Professional Symposium in Reading” and is offered online for your convenience. Get started today and apply using the Graduate Non-Degree Application to WMU

  • Create an Account, then click "Start Application"
  • In the Application Type drop- down box of the Academic Plan-Intent section, please select “Certified Teacher Continuing Certification.”
  • Then select, "Professional Certification" for both Degree Option and Program.
  • The Term and Year is Summer I 2017

Once admitted, students will receive a username and password to register for classes through the GoWMU web portal. Feel free to browse WMU course offerings to view the class schedule and WMU tuition and fees for cost information. If you intend to earn a master’s degree, we recommend meeting with your advisor before you complete your second graduate class.

The course for Van Buren County Teachers is listed as "Prof Symposium-Reading-VBISD".

It is an Online Class with Dr. Susan Piazza listed as the instructor.


Ben Tomlinson