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Family Links is a free home-based child education and parenting support program for families with children between the ages of prenatal to kindergarten entry.  Our curriculum is proven to build school readiness giving children a GREAT START!

You will meet with a certified Family Educator at a time convenient for you and your family. Family Educators share resources with new or expecting parents which provide optimum early development, learning, and health of young children (

Services offered include:

  • Early child development and parenting information using the nationally recognized Parents as Teachers program                   

  • Personal visits and family group events                            

  • Routine developmental (ASQ-3) & health screenings

  • Referrals and connections to community services and local schools

To find out more, contact us at (269) 539-5214 or contact us online.  Follow us on Facebook at Van Buren ISD Family Links.

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