Eligibility & Timeline Information

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GSRP Prioritization and Timeline

GSRP Income Eligibility Guidelines

GSRP Eligibility Factors 

AGE Requirement

  • GSRP students must be age 4 on or before December 1st. Those turning age 4 before September 2nd are given earlier consideration.  “Youngers” turning age 4 between 9/2-12/1 will be considered in October. 

  • Head Start preschool students must be age 3 or 4 by September 1st.

INCOME Requirement

  • GSRP students must come from families that meet the current year’s income eligibility (typically at or below 250% Federal Poverty Level/FPL) as defined by the legislated grant process.  We will work with you to consider prior year or current income, and other unique factors, so we encourage families to apply.  We may have some GSRP Tuition slots available.

  • Families at or below 100% FPL are potentially Head Start eligible.  Their information will be shared with the appropriate Head Start agency for contact.  If a family declines Head Start, they will then be considered for GSRP.

*Family refers to all persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption, living within a household who are supported by the income of the parent/guardian of the enrolling child. Income is the total cash receipts, before taxes, from all sources from the family.

GSRP Eligibility Factors

Income is the primary factor, but for students within the same priority level additional GSRP eligibility factors will be considered.  See IMPORTANT Documents listed above.

RESIDENCY Requirement

GSRP placement does not require that the student live within the school district where the classroom is located.  Families may request any of the locations.  There is no transportation outside the resident district and the family must be able to self-transport every school day.  Cross ISD/RESA placement is allowed but neither transportation or special education services will be provided.