• Guidance
    Why does a Van Buren Tech student need a Career Guidance Coordinator?

    VBTech's Career Guidance Coordinators complement the services provided by local school counselors by empowering students to consider their academic performance, personality, strengths, and career interests in order to plan and pursue individualized college and career goals. The Career Guidance Coordinators are all State of Michigan certified school counselors and are trained and have experience helping students with a myriad of topics such as career exploration, sorting through post-secondary options, learning more about financial aid opportunities, personal/social issues, and more!

    The Career Guidance Coordinator provides:

    • Academic Counseling - Coordinators assist students academically by targeting needs (study skills, time management, gaps in prior knowledge, etc.), and problem-solving when concerns arise.
    • Career Counseling (Awareness, Assessment & Development) - Coordinators use a variety of tools to help students identify and plan their career interests, options, and goals.
    • Personal/Social Counseling - Coordinators assist students with personal or social issues, including conflict resolution, anxiety, grief, or referral to community resources.
    • Post-Secondary Planning & Counseling - Coordinators assist students in determining their interests and strengths, in order to develop a plan for post-secondary goals, whether they be college, or other options.
    • Assistance with the Financial Aid Process -  As part of the post-secondary planning process, coordinators offer assistance with accessing financial aid resources, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, scholarships, etc.
    Career Guidance - Vision Statement
    The vision of the Van Buren Tech Guidance Program supports the vision of the Van Buren Intermediate School District and the Van Buren Tech. It is our vision that all students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take initiative to make positive career choices utilizing their values, interests, and abilities.

    Career Guidance - Mission Statement
    The mission of  Van Buren Tech Guidance Program is to provide all students with comprehensive and equitable services in collaboration with school staff, administration, area counselors, parents, community, and post-secondary partners—which address their academic, career, and personal/social development—empowering them with the skills needed to enter an ever-changing, global workforce.