Van Buren Technology Center

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Integrated Academics
In 1986, the Van Buren Technology Center began its first Integrated Academics program with one math instructor who served a specific group of CTE programs.  It was initially a “Credit Substitution” program for students who wanted to attend the Technology Center but needed to take academic courses to meet graduation requirements.
By the 1993-1994 school year, it had evolved into a more fully integrated model that included English, science, and math.  All of the Tech Center's CTE programs are served by these highly qualified teachers who each have the responsibility of delivering integrated academics and academic credit. 
Each CTE program instructor has a team of two-three academic teachers to team-teach. The academic teachers rotate through their assigned programs on a weekly basis for regularly scheduled contact to enhance academic learning.
These educational teams meet each spring to determine the CTE program's instructional needs for the upcoming school year in accordance with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.