• college credit

    For students interested in getting a head start on college, many of the CTE programs at VB Tech provide opportunities for students to earn FREE college credit. Many of these credits are offered to students with ZERO out of pocket costs. For many of our programs, the college coursework is a natural fit within the CTE curriculum and is embedded in the program's curriculum (an example of this would be the credits offered through Ferris State University, in Law Enforcement). In other programs, students do additional work outside of their specific CTE program to earn the college credit (an example of this would be the credits offered through Western Michigan University, in Cadet Teacher and Early Childhood Education).  
    College credit options change year to year as program content changes, to find out what opportunities are available for you within your CTE program, see Van Buren Tech College Coordinator, Larissa Hunt, at lhunt@vbisd.org