• Van Buren Middle College Program
    Students in the Van Buren Middle College attend one of the Van Buren Technology Center's CTE programs as a Junior and then attend one of three local community colleges for their Senior year and grade 13. This program allows students an opportunity to complete their Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements and simultaneously earn college credits. The Van Buren Middle College is designed to be a robust bridge between high school, college, and careers. The program provides students with rich college experiences, along with a great opportunity for career and technical education. Students who successfully complete the Van Buren Middle College will have a jump-start on their college education and path to their future. Students interested in the Van Buren Middle College need to be motivated and ready for a challenge.
    "Joining the Van Buren Middle College was the best decision I made during my high school career. It helped me be more prepared for college after high school." - Student 
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