•                                  Cyber Security
    Cyber Security is a 75 billion dollar industry and is expected to grow to 170 billion dollars by 2020, with millions of high paying jobs unfilled. Our program at VBTC teaches you the skills needed to be successful in this industry. We start with computer and network hardware and software, including personal computers, tablets, phones, Windows, Linux, Android, routers, switches, wireless access points, cabling, servers and dozens of other types of electronic equipment. The second-year is advanced studies and certifications in local area networks, wide area networks and network security. As a part of the program, all students will complete internships at their local school districts and we also have up to 24 credit hours of direct college credit through Davenport University. In addition, students are encouraged to earn industry certifications. Anyone can do it. It just takes self-motivation, a good work-ethic and time management.  For information about articulation, please click here.
    For information about high school credit options, please visit our academic credit guide.
    "It helped me find what I want to do for the rest of my life." - Student
    BPA Students
  • Program Content

    • A Plus
    • Network Plus
    • Security Plus
    • Linux Plus
    • CCENT
    • CCNA
    • MCSA
  • Related Career Fields

    • PC Technician
    • Network Technician
    • Network Administrator
    • Network Design Specialist
    • Network Engineer
    • Digital Forensics
    • Cyber Security Engineer
    • Network Forensics & Analyst