• Integrated Academic Credit

    Each course gives the possibility for the student to earn high school academic while participating at the Van Buren Technology Center.

       Name of Course  English (ELA)  
    4th Related 
    Math 1 Credit
     Global Business Management & Finance           1.0      1.0

    Articulated Credit

    Articulated credit is credit that is recognized by colleges and universities, but it is their decision to translate it into college credit.

    Articulation credit for this class is offered through

    • Ferris State University
    • Lake Michigan College 
    • Kalamazoo Valley Community College

    Dual Enrollment Credit

    Dual enrollment credit is direct college credit.

     College  Course#  Course Name Credits
    LMC(Fall & Winter)  BUSA 201  Principles of Accounting I  4
    LMC(Winter)  BUSA 203  Macro Economics  3
     BUSA 204  Micro Economics  3
    LMC(Fall)  BUSA 101  Business Accounting I  3
    LMC(Fall & Winter)  BUSA 102  Principles of Accounting II  4
    LMC(Winter)  BUSA 103  Introduction to Business  3