In the automotive EEP (Electrical and Engine Performance) program students learn to diagnose and repair the following systems: automotive electric, starting, charging, lighting, audio, safety restraints, and computer systems along with basic hybrid maintenance for the first semester. During the second semester students will learn to diagnose and repair the following systems: ignition, fuel injection, emissions engine management, intake and exhaust, and on-board not diagnostic systems, along with basic alternative fuel systems. students also have the opportunity to take the Michigan State Certification test and upon successful completion of those test students are eligible to work in a licensed repair facility. Students who successfully complete the automotive EEP program, will have obtained skills valuable to finding a job as an automotive technician. For articulation information, please click here. 

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     "EEP is a place to learn how to diagnose cars and become experienced in  your field of work. It is a great place to work hands-on and be in a real work environment." - Student 
    Auto EEP   
  • Program Content

    • Diagnose Starting Systems
    • Maintain General Electrical Systems
    • Diagnose/Maintain Battery
    • Diagnose/Repair Lighting Systems
    • Diagnose Charging Systems
    • Diagnose/Repair Fuel Injection Systems
    • Diagnose/Repair Emission Systems
  • Equipment

    • Chassis Dyno
    • Automotive Scanners
    • Training Circuit Boards
    • 2-Post Lifts
  • Related Career Fields

    • Automotive Technician
    • Lube Oil/Filter Technician
    • Service Manager
    • Sales Person
    • Used Car Inspector
    • Automotive Car Detailer
    • Auto Parts
  • Certifications

    • Auto Electrical
    • Engine Performance