VB Cnty
    Van Buren Tech, in Lawrence, Michigan, is at the geographic center of Van Buren County, in the southwest section of the state.  There are 11 school districts within the county, ranging in size from 50 to 300 students per grade level. Average distance from each school district to Van Buren Tech is 15 miles.
    Van Buren Tech is just one of the educational services provided by the Van Buren Intermediate School District.  Van Buren Tech, at roughly 130,000 square feet, serves over 1,000 high school junior and senior students each year.  Each of Tech's 24 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs commitment to three areas of expertise:

    1. Industry Standards
    2. Michigan and National CTE standards
    3. Integrated Academics (Michigan Merit Curriculum)
    Although Van Buren County is mainly rural and agricultural, it's also scenic and sports numerous lakes, rivers, and woodlands. Covering a geographic area of about 624 square miles, the county has 133 inland lakes, and 13 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. The total water area within the county (including rivers and streams) is almost 13 square miles. Area recreational activities and attractions within the county include:
    • Lake Michigan (beaches, marinas, parks, camping, and public access facilities
    • Van Buren State Park (Lake Michigan access, beaches, camping, hiking, and cross-country skiing)
    • Kal-Haven Trail (34-mile hiking/bicycling trail between Kalamazoo and South Haven)
    • Timber Ridge Ski Resort
    • Golfing
    • Fishing
    • Numerous lakes, rivers, and streams
    • Museums
    • Art galleries
    • Various town and village festivals