• "Providing Educational Services For A Better Tomorrow"

    Manson Dave  

    David D. Manson, Superintendent

    The Van Buren Intermediate School District (VBISD) exists to provide educational and support services to its varied constituencies.  The mission statement for VBISD is "Providing Educational Services for a Better Tomorrow."  It is our goal as an educational service agency to be both comprehensive and flexible as we seek to deliver services based on the ever-changing needs of those we serve. Through these efforts, it is our pledge to work diligently to improve the quality of life of all area residents. 

    The Van Buren Intermediate School Districts strives to:

    1. Provide the best quality of service available to the customers we serve.

    2. Provide for educational effectiveness, efficiency, and success of all learners.

    3. Continually monitor and adjust to the ever-changing needs of the educational landscape in providing programs/services to the customers we serve.

    The Van Buren Intermediate School District is committed to providing appropriate services to the constituent school districts we serve, residents served by these school districts, business and industry, and all agencies and organizations that are committed to providing educational and support services to children and residents of counties in our service area.  It is also our goal to provide all customers with the following R.I.C.E. principle: 

    Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence