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  • Have you ever considered starting your own company, have interest in a career in business/finance, or want to gain a deeper understanding of how the stock market works? If you answered yes to any of these, then the Finance, Investment and Technology (FIT) program would be a great fit for you! Through FIT, students will become familiar with various career opportunities in finance/accounting and how investments work.  In this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of how businesses operate behind the scenes. This course takes a realistic approach to business management, accounting principles, investments, and technology, preparing students for life outside the classroom. In addition to financial accounting, students will be introduced to investment tools, and put their skills to the test competing in a real-life stock market simulation. Through class work, projects, and practical applications, students will learn how to organize financial information, develop interviewing skills, and are provided the opportunity to earn numerous industry recognized certifications. Successful completion of this course would be an asset to any resume or transcript. For information about articulation please click here.

    Information on articulation will be coming soon. For information about high school credit options, please visit our academic credit guide.