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    2019 CTE Conference Presentations

    Presentations materials from the Van Buren Tech presentations can be found by downloading the various documents or clicking on the links. Contact information can be found in each of the presentations.

  • Best Practices for Guiding Student Success in College & Beyond: Best practices for supporting Early Middle College students throughout their college experience and beyond. Topics will include pre-college preparation, program mentoring, postsecondary partnerships, and community service/work-based learning. Attendees will walk away with strategies for implementing best practices into their own Early Middle college program.

    CTE Student Success Presentation

    VBMC Student Handbook

    VBMC Student Application

  • Learning Hacks - Quick and Easy Writing Strategies to Help Improve CTE Student's SAT Scores: Interactive mini lessons on writing skills, including a live demonstration. Focus will be put on how these strategies help prepare students for the written portions of the SAT. These simple lessons can be introduced in all CTE classes, even if you're not an English teacher! 

    Learning Hacks Presentation

    Apostrophe's Rock!

  • Collaborating to Solve Educational Conundrums in a CTE Setting: Collaboration between school counselors and the special education coordinator in our CTE facility has been essential in finding solutions for our students and the school districts we serve. Join our team for a round table discussion, where we will share best practices involving strategies for team communication, coaching teachers, collaborative data collection, and advocating for students.