• Van Buren Tech Logo 
     "Empower students to progress toward their life goals." 
    Initially seen as an alternative to college, the "Van Buren Skills Center" opened its doors in 1976 with a primary focus of preparing students to immediately enter into the workforce. Over the past 40 years, times have changed and so has the name and the educational focus within the walls of the Van Buren Tech. Today's CTE programs provide a multi-faceted training experience, utilizing high-tech equipment and training, in combination with project and work-based learning, to assist students as they explore career options, prepare for college, and develop skills for the workplace. 
    Students can leave Van Buren Tech with up to 60 college credits, a state or national license/certification, and advanced skills that employers are looking for!
    Each year, over 1,000 high school juniors and seniors from 15 partnering school districts throughout southwest Michigan, choose to attend Van Buren Tech for a portion of their school day. The flexibility in program offerings at Van Buren Tech allows students to maintain their affiliation with their "home school," while pursuing opportunities to work with educational and technical resources that would otherwise be unavailable.