Our Mission
    The mission of the VBISD Behavior Committee is to inform educators working with students in Van Buren County on the function-based approach to addressing student behavior and to ensure that teams engaged in the FBA/PBSP process are highly supported so that they may achieve greater student success. 
    Student disruption, aggression, and academic failure are a problem in schools across the county. These interfering behaviors limit a student's academic and social potential, and often pose multiple challenges for teachers, administrators, support staff, and other students (Crone & Horner, 2003). Quality behavioral intervention can help address these challenges and promote positive school culture, individual student achievement, and improved student-teacher relationships. 
    By utilizing the Basic FBA to BSP Training Series out of Oregon University, the VBISD Behavior Committee has developed a framework for conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and developing function-based Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSPs). The VBISD Behavior Committee is committed to serving students in local school districts and VBISD programs through professional learning, technical assistance and support, and on-going resource development.