• Physical Therapy is a related service provided to students in the many Van Buren ISD programs, including: Early On, Early Intervention, Special Education Preschool, local schools, and center-based programs.  Students identified between birth and 26 years of age, who have a physical disability that impacts their ability to access age-based and/or school-based curriculum, are eligible for services in the least restrictive environment.  Physical Therapy within the school setting concentrates on: 

    • Supporting a child’s ability to negotiate the school environment
    • Facilitating a child’s ability to perform school-based self-care
    • Enabling a child to engage in mobility-based play with peers
    • Assisting families and children to obtain adaptive equipment

    These services may differ from Physical Therapy delivered by medically based facilities.  The Physical Therapy staff may provide consultation, direct treatment or training of parents and school staff.  Delivery of these services may be provided in a small group or as an individual treatment in a variety of settings.  Priorities for younger children include play skills at home and in the community, while school-aged services include skills related to the classroom, fitness class, stairs, playground and cafeteria.

    Physical Therapists 
    Colleen Ackerman
    Early On
    Megan Delacruz
    Bangor, Covert, Hartford, South Haven, VBISD Bert Goens Learning Center
    Frank Lima
    Bloomingdale, VBISD Bert Goens Learning Center
    Leslie Rafferty
    Decatur, Lawton, Mattawan, Paw Paw, VBISD Early Childhood Classrooms