• D/HH Students and Staff Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
    The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is part of a continuum of services for students with hearing difficulties.  The program consists of three classrooms at preschool, elementary, and secondary levels. The preschool classroom serves students with any level of hearing difficulty. Upon reacting school age, students with milder levels of hearing loss typically enter their local schools with assistance from our consultants for the Deaf or hard of hearing.
    Students with more severe levels of hearing loss typically remain in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program.  These classrooms utilize a total communication approach.  Classroom instruction focuses on building language and literacy skills as well as supporting instruction provided in mainstream classrooms. In addition, a team of five educational interpreters and an educational audiologist provide access to mainstreaming programming. For further classroom information please refer to the following classroom pages:
    Contact Information:
    Dr. James Yanna
    Phone:  (269) 539-5040
    Fax:  (269) 539-5009