• Classroom For Young Adult Special Education Students With Mental Illness

    This classroom is located at the BEACON Specialized Living facility in Bangor for agency-placed adults with severe disabilities. The classroom serves young adult special education students (primarily Bangor residents) between the ages of18-26 who cannot be educated within their local schools or existing VBISD special education programs due to their severe mental health needs and unmanageable behaviors. These students cannot tolerate a typical classroom due to the number of students nor a full day of instruction due to their difficulties staying focused and lack of motivation to participate. The BEACON curriculum does not focus on the Michigan Merit Curriculum courses required for graduation but focuses on meeting the needs of the student population which includes areas such as: independent living skills; functional academics; pre-vocational skills; community integration skills; recreational skills; health, fitness, and self care, social skills, and self awareness/self management.
    Student Population:
    Adolescent-Young Adults between the ages of 18-26  who reside in Bangor (with some exceptions) with CI or EI whose needs cannot be met within existing schools or special education programs due to mental illness or behavior problems.
    Jeri Levering, Special Ed Teacher
    Kim Heath, Program Assistant
    How To Access Services:
    Submit a Request For BEC Consultant Services (ROCS) at 30 S. Walnut St., Bangor Mi. 49013 or call the BEC at 427-7961 for further information. 
    Contact Persons
    Gene Vogds, Principal, email: gvogds@vbisd.org
    Deb Jokela, Consultant, email: djokela@vbisd.org
    Melanie Burke, Secretary, email: mburke@vbisd.org