• K-3 Classroom for Students with Disabilities and Severe Behavior Problems

    This classroom is a highly structured classroom with a high staff to student ratio to allow for individualized, one-on-one instruction, close monitoring and management of student behavior. These students often require one-on-one, individualized instruction, and a classroom with minimum stimulation and distractions. To accomplish this, the classroom is limited to five students with a teacher and two Program Assistants.

    Student Population
    This classroom was established to meet the needs of special education students in grades K-3 who have multiple learning and academic deficits as well as unmanageable behavior problems. These are students with extensive needs that can not be met within existing VBISD special education programs including the BEC classrooms for children with emotional impairment. The goal of this classroom is to teach students the behaviors necessary to learn and succeed in a classroom setting and to increase students' academic skills to allow them to return to their local school or more appropriate VBISD programs. After third grade, when students have aged out of this classroom, the IEP team determines the most appropriate placement based upon the students' progress and needs at that time.
    Lori Schellhamer, Special Education teacher
    Stacy Thorpe, Program Assistant
    Laura Roe, Program Assistant
    How To Access Services:
    Submit a Request For BEC Consultant Services (ROCS) at 30 S. Walnut St., Bangor Mi. 49013 or call the BEC at 427-7961 for further information. 
    Contact Persons
    Gene Vogds, Principal, email: gvogds@vbisd.org
    Deb Jokela, Consultant, email: djokela@vbisd.org
    Monica Mansfield, Consultant, email: msmansfield@vbisd.org
    Melanie Burke, Secretary, email: mburke@vbisd.org