• Early Intervention
    The Early Intervention Program is part of the VBISD Early Childhood Special Education Department and provides services in coordination with Early On.  The program serves eligible children from birth through age three.  The children served through this program have a wide range of abilities and educational needs and are recommended for the program after an evaluation from Early On or Early Intervention staff.  The Early Intervention Program consists of early childhood teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and consultants for the visually and hearing impaired.  School psychologist and social worker services are available when needed.
    This program concentrates on providing strategies and techniques to enable parents and caregivers to meet their child's needs in the home and community settings  Parents and caregivers are involved in each session so they develop additional skills and confidence to repeat therapy activities and routines within the home and community.  This program emphasizes that parents are their child's "best teacher."
    Services are provided in the home and at several centers in the county based on the child's needs and parents preference.