• Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • The Van Buren ISD Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of parents who have a child with an IEP. PAC members serve as a voice for families whose children receive special education programs and/or services within Van Buren County.
    Van Buren ISD PAC also:
    • Provides an opportunity to increase parent awareness about special education. Information and training sessions help parents understand special education programs and services countywide, and learn about current topics in special education across the state of Michigan.
    • Ensures parents have input into the development of the countywide plan for special education programs and services.
    • Provides an opportunity for parents to meet, provide input, and ask questions regarding special education. It is also an opportunity for parents to network and develop parent resources.

    How to Become a PAC Member

    PAC members are recommended for appointment by their local school district board of education and approved by the VBISD Board of Education. Every effort is made to ensure members represent each local school district and the various disabilities of students enrolled in our programs.
    PAC members also:
    • Attend and participate in meetings and training sessions to increase understanding about the education of students with disabilities
    • Share information and support other parents in collaboration with the local school districts and ISD programs
    • Facilitate the Excellence in Education PAC Awards to honor those persons who have gone above and beyond their role in educating and supporting students with IEPs
  • Contact Information
      Dana Brower
      VBISD PAC Liason
    2021-22 PAC Meeting Dates
      Virtual Meetings
      5:30-6:30 p.m.
      November 30, 2021
      January 25, 2022
      PAC Awards Ceremony
      6:00-7:30 p.m.
      April 28, 2022
  •  2021 PAC Award Winners