• Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
     Supporting Families of Kids with Disabilities
  • What is PAC?
    PAC stands for Parent Advisory Committee.  PAC members serve as support persons to other parents, helping them through the special education process. PAC members can be resources for information regarding Special Education Law, Parental Rights, School Programs and Services, and Agency Programs and Services. We also work as liaisons between the Van Buren ISD and the local school district. Members are nominated by local School Boards, upon recommendation of an administrator within the district. Final authority rests with the Van Buren ISD Board.  PAC meetings are scheduled four times each year and are open to the public.  Check the Van Buren ISD calendar for a schedule of upcoming PAC meetings. 

    Who is PAC?
    We are a parent group who have children with special needs. Each PAC member devotes their time to being informed about special education topics in their home district. Our goal is to help promote and maintain an open line of communication between families and school staff. Your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is a very important step in their education.  We are ready to assist you if needed, and we look forward to helping you obtain the best educational program available for your child with special needs.

    How can PAC help me?
    We want you to understand that you have the support needed on issues involving your child. It helps to know there is an organization like PAC, through which parents have a voice for their opinions and concerns.  PAC also sponsors and co-sponsors a variety of collaborative learning opportunities for parents and family members of students with disabilities.  

    Want to be a PAC Member?
    If you are interested in being one of the best informed parents on Special Education topics in your home school district, then you might consider joining PAC! To inquire more about becoming a PAC member, please contact Rebecca Reed, VBISD Liaison, (269) 539-5144.

  • PAC Members
    JoLynn Johnson

    (269) 329-8264



    Marianne Baker
    (269) 628-5810

    Laurie Boroughf

    (269) 350-7777


    Chris Maynard

    PAC Chairperson

    (269) 762-2855


    Nikole Harris
    (269) 420-5125
    Paw Paw
    Lynn Schafer

  • For more information contact
    Rebecca Reed Dave Manson
    VBISD Liaison Director of Special Education
    (269) 539-5144 (269) 539-5149
    rreed@vbisd.org dmanson@vbisd.org