• Program for Students with Cognitive Impairment and Autism (BGLC Resource)


    Students in our Resource Program for Cognitive Impairment and Autism come to the Bert Goens Learning Center because they require a high degree of instructional modifications and supports.  Our students are instructed in both functional academics and daily living skills that will assist them in their daily life at home and in the community.  Functional academics include reading,writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. Daily living skills include personal care, social interaction skills, work skills, and many others.  Students receive intense instruction and supports in the areas outlined in the Supported Independence Curriculum.  Students in the BGLC Resource Program are generally expected to be active participants in their home and community, but will require some level of support throughout their lives. 
    The BGLC Resource Program is departmentalized so that our teachers may collaborate and share instructional responsibilities if appropriate to address each student’s unique learning needs. Teachers provide many research-based learning and behavior supports, such as use of visual supports, structured and predictable schedules, and story-based intervention.  Classroom structures and instructional strategies are designed with the specific needs of students with autism in mind.  Our BGLC Resource teachers and students are supported as needed by a team of ancillary staff that consists of school psychologist, school social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, teacher consultant for visual impairments, teacher consultant for hearing impairments, and audiologist.
    Our students participate in many social learning opportunities, such as school dances, proms, fundraisers, and community based learning activities.  As appropriate, our oldest students participate in work experiences that exist on our VBISD campus and out in the community.  On-campus opportunities include Greenhouse, Papermaking and Recycling. Community opportunities could include cleaning in area churches and retail locations.  Work experiences are selected based on the specific abilities and learning needs of individual students.
    2019-2020  Resource Room Teachers
    Kellie Pattison, Lanna Gawel, Brian Devries  
    Mary Barkholz, Kelsey Yanna, Susan Adamic-Sargeant