• Community-based Transition Center

    The Community-based Transition Center (CTC) is an elective program that provides support and training for students who need additional skills and knowledge to meet the demands of life after high school. The staff at the CTC help students make needed connections with post-school programs, supports, adult agencies, and community organizations that make the students' transitions into adulthood easier and more meaningful.
    The program is located in Paw Paw and provides services to students who have completed their high school academic requirements, but need additional support to develop job skills, social skills, and life skills. Individual goals focus on four main areas of transition: employment, post-secondary education and training, daily living, and community participation. 
    CTC students create and maintain an active resume and they are taught to be responsible for applying for jobs, both on-line and in person. CTC students are able to identify community agencies and research other supports available to help with their employment education.
    Community Involvement
    CTC students participate in opportunities that require community interaction. Customer service and communication are a few of the skills that are practiced in these settings. CTC students may also participate in optional evening activities to practice social skills in a community environment.
    Daily Living
    CTC students work on learning life skills. These may include cooking, laundry, housekeeping, telephone skills, time management, money skills, and how to find housing.  

  • The mission of the Community-based Transition Center is to provide opportunities for students with disabilities, 18 years of age or older, to set personal transition goals, understand their personal needs, and increase their level of independence, empowering them to become more fully engaged members of their communities.