• Bert Goens Learning Center

    The Bert Goens Learning Center (BGLC) is a center based school for students with moderate and severe disabilities.  We collaborate with Project Find, Van Buren ISD programs, and local districts in Van Buren to identify students who will benefit from the programs and services offered at the Bert Goens Learning Center as determined through the IEP process. All students of the BGLC must meet the Special Education Eligibility Requirements established by the State Of Michigan and by the Van Buren ISD. A student transferring to the BGLC from a similar program may be placed immediately following verification of his or her previous IEP. Students referred from local districts or transferring from dissimilar programs are subject to a screening process, the intent of which is to assure that the BGLC is the most appropriate educational setting for the student.

    Our Mission

     School, family, and community working together to reach ever higher.

    Our Vision

    The Bert Goens Learning Center is a student-centered environment with a state of the art facility that promotes learning of life skills, academics, and technology. 

    Guiding Principles

    • Students are people first and not defined by their disability.
    • An appropriate functional communication system will be available to all students, at all times.
    • Students are supported as productive members of the community.
    • Staff actively teach and facilitate skills to maximize student independence.
    • Positive staff modeling and active teachign leads topositive student behaviors.


    Contact Us

    Susan Reynolds - Principal

    Dana Brower - Assistant Principal

    701 S. Paw Paw St.
    Lawrence, MI 49064
    Phone 269.539.5043
    Fax 269.674.3921