• How do school-based speech-language services differ from hospital or clinic-based services?

    To receive speech-language services as school a student’s disability must adversely affect educational performance.  School-based services are designed for and aligned with learning and accessing the school curriculum.


    How can speech-language deficits affect a student’s education?

    Learning takes place through the process of communication-speaking, listening, reading and writing. Speech and language skills are critical to success at school and may affect a student’s ability to:

    • Be understood by others
    • Understand what is being taught
    • Develop positive social interactions and self-esteem
    • Progress in the curriculum

    How are speech-language services provided at school?

    If a student is found eligible to receive services through an IEP, direct and/or indirect speech-language services may be provided.  Direct services may include individual, small group or classroom-based therapy.  Indirect services may include consulting with teachers, conducting classroom observations, working with parents, and participating on student assistance teams.