Distance Learning Dual Enrollment - VBISD Hub

  • The Van Buren Intermediate School District began a number of years ago to work towards assisting our local districts in installing distance learning labs in their high schools.  This was done by giving each district up to $25,000 in seed money towards putting in their labs if they could come up with a match for that amount.  Before that program ended, seven of the eleven districts had taken advantage of the offer, and as a result there are Distance Learning Labs in Lawrence, Lawton, Gobles, Bangor, Bloomingdale, Decatur, and Covert Public Schools. We can offer a college class to any number of our sites, and provide instruction, all while the connected sites have two-way interactive access to the college instructor.  Since 2005, we have chosen to adjust the teaching modality so that the instructor travels to somewhere in the VBISD loop -usually Van Buren Technology Center- and we connect with and broadcast to as many sites as we have students for that class.