Video Bridge

  • The Van Buren Intermediate School District has a Tandberg 12 port Video IP bridge that can be made available to the local districts, the community non-profit organizations, and for profit organizations at a reasonable cost.  This bridge, located in the Distance Learning Lab in the Van Buren Technology Center, allows participants at each end to both see and hear all the other sites through the use of two-way interactive video systems. 

    We are members of the MiCTA network.  We are not limited to only connect with sites in the state of Michigan, but also we can connect to sites around the country and around the world.  The bridge will allow us to connect using a variety of different bandwidths, depending on the requirements of the remote end.

    We are currently offering classes from Lake Michigan College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  Classes are not limited to employees and students of the Van Buren Intermediate School District, but to students from all age groups and localities. 

    The Video bridge has also been used by outside groups to hold two-way interactive meetings across the state with multiple sites.  The system will allow us to connect as many as 12 sites simultaneously. 

    While the Distance Learning Lab schedule at the Van Buren Intermediate Schedule might be full, the Video bridge can connect any number of sites that are not displayed at the Van Buren Intermediate School District.  This allows other classes or events to be scheduled that involve a connection between more than two sites.