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  • Van Buren Intermediate School District Child Find and Children with Disabilities

    The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education ACT, IDEA requires schools to identify, locate and evaluate children with disabilities. Either schools or parents/guardians can request a special education evaluation for a child who is not yet eligible for special education. If the school requests the evaluation, the school must contact the parent/guardian and request written consent (permission) to evaluate the child. If you are a parent/guardian who wants to request an evaluation, send a written, signed and dated request asking the school to evaluate your child.
    VBISD’s Early On Program supports Michigan’s Early On campaign by helping to locate and identify young children birth through 3 who have an established condition, a developmental delay or are at risk of a developmental delay. VBISD’s Project Find supports the Build Up Michigan campaign by helping to locate and identify young children, ages 3 through 5, who may be in need of special education supports and/or services.
    The VBISD assumes responsibility for child find awareness activities and outreach for preschool children. The VBISD Early Childhood Special Education Department is primarily responsible for coordinating child find outreach and awareness activities for children birth through age five including Early On and Build Up Michigan.
    All local school districts in Van Buren County will assume responsibility for in-school and out-of-school youth up to the age of twenty-six through the local awareness activities and the special education referral process.

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