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The John Seita Scholarship & Seita Scholars Program
The John Seita Scholarship is a tuition cscholarship that pays for tuition of undergraduate courses at WMU.  Books, fees, housing, food and other living expenses are not included in the scholarship; however, most or all of these costs may be covered by financial aid and available state support, thereby making it possible for a Seita Scholar to earn an undergraduate degree with little or no student loans.
To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must (i) qualify for the Educational Training Voucher (ETV) in their states, (ii) submit FAFSA by March 1, and (iii) apply for admission to WMU by May 1.  Recipients of the scholarship must be accepted at WMU.  Freshman and transfer students may apply.
  • Students who are awarded the Seita Scholarship will become part of the Seita Scholars Program, which aims to promote the success and well-being of students throughout the undergraduate education experience.  Recipients of the Joh Seita Scholarship must abide by the scholarship agreement, which includes the following benefits and conditions:
                -Reside on campus;
                -Maintain full-time student status;
                -Take a seminar course for Seita Scholars;
                -Maintain satisfactory academic progress;
                -Participate in academic monitoring;
                -Abide by university codes for campus living;
                -Attend scheduled program events;
                -Pay bills on time;
                -Meet regularly with a program advisor;
                -Refrain from working off campus
                -Campus Coaches to help navigate campus life
  • Recipients of the John Seita Scholarship will have the opportunity to serve as members on the Student Advisory Group of the Foster Youth and Higher Education Initiative at WMU, or offer other services for the benefit of the initiative and future Seita Scholars.
  • Once a student has received the John Seita Scholarship, it can be renewed as long as the student files a FAFSA by March 1 of every year, continues to live on campus and maintains satisfactor academic progress.  Students who are eligible for more than one scholarship for first-time students at WMU will be awarded the one with the highest value.
Contacts for more information:
1.  Financial Aid at WMU:              Mark Delorey           
2.  Admission to WMU:                  Penny Bundy
3.  Seita Scholars Program:          Lisa Wales - 269-387-8362
                                                          Yvonne Unrau - 269-387-3185
The Educational Training Voucher (ETV) Application and information can be found at: