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Breaking Traditions Award
Michigan Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE)
Student Recognition Program for Michigan Secondary and Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) students who have selected specific Career and Technical training because of their interests and abilities and who not allowed gender to influence their decision to prepare for a career considered nontraditional for that gender.
The Office of Career and Technical Education is searching for outstanding students who have been successful in a CTE program area that is nontraditional for their gender to participate in Michigan's ninth statewide Breaking Traditions Awards.
The Breaking Traditions Award is an excellent opportunity for students in CTE programs and schools to receive recognition and positive publicity.  It provides an avenue to recognize and highlight student achievement in nontraditional career training and to provide role models for other students considering a nontraditional career.
Information and the application/nomination packet is available at: Breaking Traditions Award Packet