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Advanced Manufacturing

Study the Art of Metalworking!
 Students should like:
  • Working with their hands
  • Problem solving
  • Working with high-tech machinery
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Building robots
  • Start of the Art CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines
 Gabe Kooyers, Instructor
This program combines high-tech machines with hands-on projects. Students are engaged with brainstorming, engineering, machining and robotics. Work on Vertical Milling Machines and Engine Lathes, along with 3-axis CNC Milling Machines. Build a foundation of machinist skills that will help you enter an apprenticeship or gain an engineering background. Also, learn skills in Master CAM software and programming. Through the Tooling University online curriculum, students can work toward National Institute Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certification. College credit is also available to qualifying students.
I like this class...

In the Machine Tool program I like having the freedom of being able to work on projects that we like.  This motivates us to learn about different types of machining.  

   Joseph, Lawton High School

I like this class...

I have an interest in this program because I like working with my hands.  My Dad is a tool & die maker and I have always liked how he could take a piece of steel and make something out of it. 

In this class, you have an opportunity to work with CNC machines.  I was able to make some pretty cool parts, such as this custom designed belt buckle.  I made it from a design to a finished product.  

      Heath, Lawrence Public Schools


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