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Name:  JC Robertson
Work phone: 269-674-8001 ext 5268
Program: EMT
Qualifications:  Paramedic since 2004, EMT since 1994, Firefighter since 1991, Teaching EMT for high school and adult students since 2005.  Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety in 2007.  Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership in 2015.
JC Robertson has been involved with Emergency medicine since 1991.  His family has been in public safety for 4 generations; his great grandfather worked as a firefighter in Lake Odessa, MI, his grandmother and grandfather, mother and father served as EMT/Paramedic's and firefighters in Potterville, MI and he is the oldest of three brothers serving as EMT/Paramedics and firefighters in Eaton and Van Buren counties.