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    Learn about automobile engine construction, brakes technology, steering and suspension designs, from the textbook and lab. In our state-of-the-art auto shop, students work as a team with real customers’ vehicles to troubleshoot and repair problems. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible to take the State of Michigan Auto Mechanic Certification exams. Students who would be successful in this program like to work with their hands, fix things, solve problems, work with tools, work on a team, work on cars and trucks and understand more about automobiles. For information on articulation, please click here. To learn about academic credit for this class please visit our academic credit course guide.

    "If you take your future in automotive seriously, this is the class for you." - Student
  • Program Content

    • Braking and ABS Systems
    • Steering & Suspension Systems Alignments
    • Engine Diagnosis, Tear-Down & Rebuild
  • Related Career Fields

    • Automotive Specialist Technician
    • Master Technician
    • Automotive Engineer
    • Service Manager
    • Business Owner
    • Parts Retail
  • Certifications

    • Engine Repair
    • Brakes & Braking Systems
    • Front End & Suspension Systems
  • Equipment

    • 2-Post Automobile Lifts
    • Oxy-acetylene Torch
    • Mig Welder
    • 4-Wheel Alignment Machine
    • On & Off Car Brake Lathes
    • Diagnostic Scanners
    • Power & Hand Tools
    • Engine Dynamometer