Wildlife Habitat Project

  • The Wildlife Habitat Project encompasses approximately 35 acres of natural habitat on the VBISD campus. It was developed by several staff members, who on a volunteer basis, wanted to create an outdoor learning environment. 
    The goal of the project is to "Bring students, staff and community together to create an outdoor learning environment which can enhance, education, wellness and stewardship". Through fundraising, grants and donations, enough money was raised to build arbors, teaching platforms and a boardwalk which has enabled students with physical limitations to explore this natural wonderland.  
    Some of the primary contributors which have made this project a reality include; The Whirlpool Corporation, ALCOA, Boy Scouts of America, Knights of Columbus, Harold & Jean Glassen Foundation, Gary Sisters Grant, Wildflower Association of Michigan, VBMEA, VBISD staff and students, and various community members. 
    In the summer of 2008 the boardwalk, which spans nearly one-half of a mile through the Gallery Woods to an overlook at Brush Creek, was completed.  In the spring eastern bluebirds and tree swallows were spotted after they made home in the nesting boxes built by the 8th grade Career Camp students and the Technology Center Construction trades students.
    The trail is open to the general public after school hours and there is no cost. It is located on the southeastern corner of the VBISD Campus and may be entered through the arbor nearest the greenhouse. Come explore with us the beauty of nature.