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    Posted by Susan McCulfor on 5/24/2011 11:05:00 AM
    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Excellence in Education Awards
    On Tuesday, May 5th the Van Buren ISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) presented their 2010-2011 Excellence in Education Awards Reception at the VBISD Conference Center. Over 200 people were in attendance to honor the following award recipients: Bonnie Bair, Emily Cox, Denise Fifer, Tim Weed, Renee Wirt, Sheryl Zaczek, Kelly Dzubak, Sandy Glasser, Lenora Lee, Amy Ludwig, Wendy Minor, Jay Peterson, Jason Surian, Laurie Southworth, Karn Cunningham, Rhonda Herron, Lanna Moore, Tricia Overbeek, Patti Kenworthy, Jane Miller-Harris, Suzie Stambek, Shaun Wayman, Jessica Layne, Sean Baker, Mary DenUyl, Eva Harman, Richard Taylor, Chris Carpp and Tom Surprise. Thank you for all you do for students and families!
    TieNET Tips
    Initial Evaluations and Parent Consent
    Both the Consent for Initial Evaluation and the REED should be completed in TieNET for initial evaluations. The Initial Consent document triggers the 30-school-day timeline and populates initial timelines in student profiles.
    Purpose of the IEP
    For Reevaluation IEPs, please remember to list Reevaluation as the Primary Purpose of the IEP. You can list Review, Transition, etc., as a secondary purpose. If Reevaluation is not listed as the primary purpose TieNET will not update the next Reevaluation IEP due date. If you've already finalized an IEP and the Reevaluation due date didn't update for this reason, contact Jeri or Susan to correct it.
    Instructional Minutes per Week
    The instructional minutes in each building's school week are pre-set in the LRE/FTE Calculation section in TieNET on the Programs and Services page of the IEP. Begin by entering the program type (Elementary or Secondary Resource, Programs for MICI, etc.) next enter start dates and end dates, finally enter special education setting, low minutes per week. Click on the building location look-up, and the general education minutes in the week will auto-calculate. the general education minutes in the school week. Click on save/done editing to complete the instructional minutes for program times.
    Edit/Save Documents
    Remember to click “Save, Done Editing” when you you've finished with a section of the IEP. The guided actions will alert you if there is any information you need to add/correct before the IEP can be finalized. If you click on the down arrow next to Select, TIENET will display all sections of the IEP. Any section still in bold print has not been completed which prevents finalization of the IEP.
    When you create an invitation for an IEP, you can't leave it in"Draft" mode in TieNET if youwant the system togenerate an email.
    -Change the invitation "Status" to review in order to generate an email message informing all the"invitees" to  attend.
    -Onceyou change the status, a TieNET message will be generated. The bottom of this message, will list all staff who were selected on the invitation.
    -Click on the names to ensure they are included in this message.


    **Don't forget to go into TieNET to check your messages, if you do not have messages forwarded to your group wise. Follow the steps below to have messages forwarded to your groupwise/email address:

    From your TieNET Homepage:

    · Under Communication(left-hand side), click Messages link
    · Click Message Forwarding link (on top)
    · Choose "Send email with full message content"
    · Enter your GroupWise email address in Email Address box
    · ClickAcceptbutton
    Insert Statement Submission
    We encourage you to continue to submit Insert Statements for consideration in the public bank. Please remember to use the macros to submit “generic” statements as we cannot accept insert statement submissions containing personally identifiable information. Contact Susan McCulfor if you have questions, or would like assistance at 269-539-5158.
    Bert Goens Learning Center
    Oh what a night! The Bert Goens Learning Center Prom was held on Saturday, April 30 and it was a night to remember. Students, alumni, parents and staff all enjoyed the food, outstanding music by Premier Sound (our own Brad Abrams), and dancing. And did we mention that the decorations were fabulous? They were. Special thanks to the Prom Committee for many hours of planning, fund raising,and preparing: Erinn Hess (chair person), Leann Rice, Teri Colgren, Tina Benavides, Brittany Shugars, Jodi Mortensen, and Brad Abrams.
    Track & Field Day
    On Friday, April 29, we had our annual Track and Field Day at the Bert Goens Learning Center. Student athletes from both BGLC and the VBISD Young Adult program were totally pumped by the exciting competition and brisk, sunny weather. There were racing, jumping, and throwing events, both indoors and out, with enthusiastic participation evident everywhere. We owe many thanks to the student volunteers from the VBISD Technology Center and to the community volunteers who made this event possible. As always, Tim McDaniel and Paula Mott organized a spectacular event.
    Did You Know?
    The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicator 5, Educational Environments, is currently a monitoring priority for all school districts in Michigan. This Results Indicator has established the following target: 61% of students with IEPs will participate in the general education setting 80% or more of the school day. This data is pulled from student IEPs in the Primary Ed Setting field at the bottom of the TieNET Programs and Services page. The drop down allows the end-user to select the educational setting, but suppresses the field once the document has been finalized. The setting remains “behind the scenes” in student profiles. Please make sure to cross-check Primary Ed Setting with program instructional minutes, to ensure accuracy before finalizing IEPs.
    New IEP Documents
    Several new TieNET documents will be making their “debut” soon, including:
    · Transfer of Student with Disability (formerly Previous Enrollment)
    · Interim Alternative Educational Setting
    · Revocation of Consent
    · Notice of Cessation of Revocation
    · IFSP
    · Updated Non-Public Service Plan
    Your service records must be entered into Tienet before the end of the school year.

    Designated Case Management (DCM) is the coordination of the medical services outlined in the IEP. To bill for DCM, the student must be receiving a medical service with goals and times outlined in the IEP (consultation and monitoring services do not qualify as a medical service). Remember that only one DCM service record for case management can be submitted each month. Either combine all your activities into one record, or only click “completed service” box in the last record for the month. Be sure to include a statement regarding the student's monthly progress.

    Therapy Staff must complete a monthly summary for every student. The monthly summary may be dated the same day as the last date of service, or the last school day of the month. Also, please remember to include the student's response to treatment in the “provider notes” section.

    Medicaid Eligibility
    Be sure to check the status of the student's Medicaid eligibility as it could change monthly.

    Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS) should be completed within 3 days after the moment has passed. Remember you still must complete the RMTS whether you were at work or not.

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