• Referral:

    A Referral initiates the process of determining whether a child has a need for special education services.  If you live in Van Buren County and are concerned about your child's development in the area of hearing, vision, physical development, health or learning, help is available.  Your child may be eligible for free special education services through referral to the following programs:




    Early On  

    Children ages birth to 36 months
    when there is a concern in the development or the diagnosis of a condition that is likely to result in a developmental delay.

    Shellie Lowe
    (269) 539-5152
    Cecilia Norcross
    (269) 539-5128
    Bonita Suter
    (269) 539-5129

    Project Find

    Children ages birth to entering kindergarten that demonstrate a developmental delay that impacts their ability to learn.  This service is coordinated with Early On for children ages birth to 36 months.

    Shellie Lowe
    (269) 539-5152

    K-12 Public/Non-Public Schools

    Children enrolled in schools up to age 26 you suspect have a delay.

    Contact your child's Local School Administrator or Special Education

    If you have any questions about this process or are not sure where to start, please call the Early Childhood Special Education Supervisor at 269-539-5144.