• Project LEAN, through its contextual project-based interventions, provides opportunities throughout our programming for students to improve their ability to practice the Four C’s: communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

    One of the core missions of Project LEAN is to engage parents in the educational process. With this in mind, all of our lessons have a parent engagement component where students have activities that they take home and communicate with their parents the lessons they have learned regarding health and nutrition that day.

    Small group work is also a part of our programming; activities we have purposefully promote communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. 


    • Healthy Classrooms 
    • Healthy School lessons 
      • Students are divided into groups for the purpose of evaluating how healthy their classroom, cafeteria, and school are overall. 

    Once the evaluation is complete, the student groups are to come up with suggestions on how they would make each of these areas more healthy for students. Part of the process includes the students writing the food service director regarding their findings and suggestions for making the food service area healthier for students. 

    Another example of critical thinking is our partnership with Fuel Up to Play 60. In this program, we develop student leadership groups, and their job is to, as a student committee, think of ways to improve their school around health, nutrition, and physical activity.