• Overview of the Binational Program
    The mission of the Binational Migrant Education Program is to facilitate sustained educational services, conduct effective activities that promote academic success, and advocate for students whose parents travel between the U.S. and Mexico in Pursuit of temporary seasonal work in agriculture and fishing.
    This is an international program that exists between the U.S. and Mexico to help provide direct services to migrant students who travel between the two countries.  In the United States, this program operates as part of the U.S. Department of Education's Migrant Education Program.  It grew from the efforts of a California teacher who decided to make contact in 1976 with educators in the Michoacan (Mexico) village that was home base for many of her students.  

    Today, the Binational Migrant Education Program affords migrant students the opportunity to continue their education regardless of the country in which they are residing by advocating for enrollment opportunities, transference of course credits, school enrollment opportunities and outreach to increase parent's understanding of the need to enroll students in both countries.  VBISD Migrant/Bilingual Education Services became involved because of similar concerns about the education of migrant students we receive from Mexico.