Child Care and Early Education

  • The Van Buren Great Start Collaborative wants to assure that all families have access to high quality early care and education. It is our goal to give every child the opportunity to succeed in school and life. Listed below are some activites and services you might want to take advantage of.

    Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP's)
    Formerly called the Michigan School Readiness Program (MSRP)
    Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP) are no-cost, state-funded preschools that enroll 4 year old children who may be "at risk" of school failure. Contact the online application to get started today.

    Head Start Program
    The Head Start Program is a no-cost federally funded program which provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families. For more information or to see if your family qualifies, contact the Tri County Head Start at (800) 792-0366 or visit
    Tri County Head Start

    Licensed Child Care Directory
    Go to Great Start to Quality to link parents and those caring for young children with the resources, supports and services needed to give Michigan children a Great Start. 

    8 Tips for a Successful Child Care Search
    1. Contact child care providers by phone for an interview.
    2. Visit several child care programs and ask for a tour.
    3. Look around to make sure space is healthy & safe.
    4. Ask about the qualifications of the staff.
    5. Request a brochure, flyer or handbook about the program.
    6. Ask them to tell you about the activities & lessons they teach.
    7. Ask about meals and snacks.
    8. Take your child to visit the program before enrolling.
    Begin with the Great Start to Quality database of licensed providers.
    Great Start to Quality Logo

    Kindergarten Readiness

    Discover the REAL measures of Kindergarten Readiness in this blog.
    A Parent's Guide to Kindergarten Readiness
    View the complete brochure.

    Play and Learn (PAL)

    Family Links Program
    Receive free parenting education and referral services including

    • Early child development and parenting information
    • Home visits and playgroups
    • Vision and hearing screens
    • Links and referrals to community resources and local schools

    For more information, call (269) 539-5214